Founded in 2001 by Kerrie Munro, Django & Juliette has been crafting distinctive and delightful shoes for two decades. The brand takes joy in enabling women to express their personalities through fashion.

Each pair is meticulously designed in Melbourne, emphasizing eye-catching details such as tartan patterns, bows, perspex heels, croc-embossed leather, and dazzling rhinestones.

Infuse a burst of color into your wardrobe with Django and Juliette. Renowned for vibrant hues and distinctive styles, their designs will invigorate any ensemble. From boots and heels to their iconic ballet flats, comfort is never compromised as the brand prioritizes both style and ease.
The brand has deep roots in the Australian shoe industry, with a hands-on history of end-to-end manufacturing in factories in Melbourne. Each new collection is still lovingly designed and developed in Melbourne, with Kerrie personally test fitting all styles to achieve the utmost in comfort and quality for the wearer.

Worldly and self-assured, the Django & Juliette woman doesn’t conform, and is always looking for wearable shoes that reflect her fun, quirky personality. She likes a variety of choice, but only considers designs that combine a point of difference with invisible comfort that doesn’t compromise on her style-driven nature.

Over the years, our customers have consistently asked “How do you pronounce Django?” The answer is “Jango - the D is silent.” So in 2013, when it came time to name our sister footwear collection, we already had the perfect name. The perfect complement to Django & Juliette’s fun and quirky essence, Silent D has a trend driven, edgy appeal. Their range can be explored here.